PREMISE: In the tumultuous world of the ancient Middle East, kings brokered peace alliances with ease of a blunt sword and kept harmony with the finesse of shrewdly executed treaties. Such was the case between two kingdoms: Israel and Phoenicia, as told from the annals of the Bible.

King Ahab ascends to the throne of north Israel, circa 800 BC. A trade agreement and an arranged marriage made the Phoenician princess, Jezebel, his Queen. Jezebel, a woman of intense beauty, cunning manipulation, and sinister deceit, convinces her husband to abandon the worship of Yahweh, in favor of her deity Baal. This gives rise to a great internal struggle for the nation, between those who remain faithful to their religion and those loyal to the Crown.

Jezebel proves herself to be the ruthless power behind the throne, showing no mercy and a willingness to spill the blood of any man who dares defy her authority. This leads to an epic showdown between the malevolent Queen and one brave Jewish prophet. The story is a paradigm relating to today and the sanctity of life and those who want to destroy it as it was then.

FILMMAKERS: John Sullivan, (2016 Obamas America, 2012 America; Imagine the world without her, 2014 Ruth) Roger Winebarger (Five Stones Productions)  are the film’s producers. The screenplay writer is Brian Godawa – known for the film “To End All Wars,” and numerous Amazon Best Sellers on Biblical fiction.

The film’s director is yet to be selected.

FUNDING: Financing is being assembled in America and Europe through lending and private individuals.

Produced by Five Stones Productions